Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Terror & Boredom - Mercury Beading

Several factors combined and I drove to work reminding me that I savor my ability to have a choice and that rest days are good. Apparently no bike == no pics so I dug into the raw material I've collected this winter.

This got me thinking about my 10-or-so favorite sounds, order and list will change:
sunrise miles from nowhere
Mother's voice
Girlfriend of 9 years 5 year old grandchild calling me "papa"
good audio filling a room
shutter on a DSLR
my cat's purring
whirr of bicycle wheels and drivetrains in a group at > than 17 mph with a tailwind equalling speed
seal breaking on a Centennial bottle
growl of a Harley or throaty v8
spooling turbo

Reluctantly finished the last few pages of Forced Entries in the few moments I had to wolf down some lunch. Time to circle back for my origional goal of re-reading Basketball Diaries. Now was the right time for Forced Entries, I had always wondered why I hadn't read it before. It often stared at me on the shelf like Jim's abscese stared at him and with all the perfect pressure, heat and a long soak, my own personal/emotional abscese bursted too. His words hinted, and at times perfectly described processes I find myself traversing now, thankfully without a heroin addiction. Never tried the stuff and dont intend to, I'm too wrapped up in being healthy, athletic and tenacious on the bike to destroy myself that way.

Listened to the description of a creative and innovative individual today. Among the important qualities noted, the ones that stuck with me were: listens, learns, adjusts, and improves

Seems like my mind is piqued by process. I cling to it like a life raft.

New to me word for the day, still bugging me from yesterday: peccadillo - a petty misdeed

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