Thursday, March 25, 2010

Underlying Sense of Optimism

2010.3.25 Forecasts of rain, cooked legs and an earlier than normal start conspired to pushing the lazy pedals to work today. I recall this theme from last year, don't ride in to work on Wednesdays since I need every drop of gas in the tank, don’t ride on Thursday since I'm cooked and want the extra half-hour of sleep. Maybe this will be the year I can commute by bike daily AND stay with the fast pack on Wednesdays. Ride in on Thursdays and stay with the fast guys Wednesdays sounds more realistic. Look out, I've got goals and I know how to use them.2010.3.25.2

As I endeavor for inner tranquility my active mind visits imagery frequently, mulling over experience in symbology.
Sometimes I see myself as a pool of water in a jutting granite mountain nook, the water churning in upwelling currents, high winds whipping at the surface, projectiles from above bombard.
In this imaginary state I summoned the winds to stop, the projectiles to cease fire, the currents to relax and they did.
Except ripples remained where I sought stillness. No glassy symbol of peace reflecting the inner. I discover the container is vibrating with chaos, there is no stillness. Stillness is a perception. Scale, perspective and focus change everything.
In this imaginary figurative state I sought to calm the ripples with my spirit, that part of me that's bigger than my body, allowing them be dampened by resiliency. Eventually the waters deemed calm with a knowing if I looked in the right way, I would see even more minute ripples. Complete stillness unobtainable. I thrive on vibrations and churning and the balance of tranquility. There is enough peace here, for now.


R.I.P red wigglers, despite being fairly well tucked in for the winter not one visible adult in the nest when I checked yesterday. Maybe the eggs survived the freeze. I guess this is where I get to explain to the g-kid that papa accidently killed the worms and talk about how I should have taken some of them into the garage for their winter home like last year.

Rolf wheel arrived, freehub spacer and bearing replaced from having the drive side cone over-tightened and ridden (not by me). Lookout fast pack here I come!
My struggles seem so trivial when I read another of Jill's race reports, wow. I’d love to get better at remembering details under effort and categorizing them chronologically so that my skills of narrative improve.

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