Friday, March 19, 2010

We Are The Energy


Compelled to transplant moss and add to the collections. My internal clock, synchronized to the seasons, is telling me to get busy tending my bounty. Edge sidewalks, spade bed edges, spread mulch, final dead heading and winter die-off cleared, move strawberry patch (woops, invasive),roll heave bumps, large shrubs pruned, check the vermiposter, prep beds for seeding, seed and cover lettuce bed....

rollinAlso hoping to strip and paint my fixed gear project frame .. thinking some patina-like finish of black, red and silver. Maybe a small stencil incorporated into the mess. This would be my 4th bike frame, the first three were Jack the Dripper-esque splatterings. The frame has sat in the garage for a year, it's time.

Mmm Titan:

titan lacing often looks like trees to me:

treelacing Also tried the Green Flash Le Freak; is Le Good

Debating spending my energy working on the gardens instead of group riding this weekend. It seems to be an either or since I'm pretty much cooked every time I get off the bike. Finding balance among intensity is challenging. At times I'm able to sense direction with a force similar to magnetism especially when I’m paying attention and mindful of my self. Others, I doubt my ability to find the way out of a paper bag. Left to my preference, I doubt I would set foot in the yard all year long except to admire.

Reading about ritual in The Creative Habit and seeing my routine as ritual, which lends a sense of importance and reframing to things easily taken for granted.

Milan-San Remo tomorrow, Lance pulled from the race because of acute gastroenteritis.
R.I.P Phil Wood

Oh yeah, need to still get those Sidi's fixed up.

They return, morphed:



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