Friday, March 5, 2010

What Kind of Love is This?

Listened to the poetic cello in Ritual as I performed my own coffee infusion wake up ritual and last min preps for the Friday furlough not-so-century. I would only be joining for the second of 2 50 mile loops hoping to leave some gas in the tank for tomorrow's ride.

Un-tested Rolf Aspin maiden voyage was complete fail. I had noticed an extra amount of drag in the freehub but didn't think anything of it since my Vector Pros grease had gummed up a bit last year when they sat in the cold garage. Turns out as I coasted, the freehub wouldnt spin freely enough causing a dangerous amount of slack in the chain allowing it to collide with the spokes. I think you can imagine the implications when riding inches from my ridemates. I remounted the Vector Pro, emailed the seller who assured me they worked fine when he shipped them out and dropped it off at the shop for an expert opinion. Wheel saga continues, is there an analogy here?

Down in the dumps from missing the ride my spirits were lifted by the package on the doorstep from Kozie Prery. Thank you! Can you guess which one is going in the shop and which one is up for grabs? Email me if you want it.

Opened up the rear aspin hub, according to a mechanic at a certified Rolf seller shop, who does many overhauls, this does not look like stock grease:

Junior gets a haircut:

Passed this section of road on the way back from my ride failings, circled back and captured :
Ready to leave the winter doldrums but not ready for all the manual labor my piece of paradise will require. Hovering near the top of the list is moving a sprawling bed of strawberries out to the easement surrounding the rhubarb patches moved out there last year. Pie anyone?

I debated posting them all but they looked like a progression and I like progression:

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