Tuesday, April 27, 2010

10.85 – 28:14 – 22.95 avg

caution 1st TT of the season saw headwinds for the return trip in the mid to upper teens. Times were a bit low as a result but everyone seemed satisfied with their efforts. Many of the local big motors were present with Luke taking the top spot. Martin passed John and I and was looking very strong.

I started in my little/big combo, right foot clipped and worked my way quickly up to the big ring. Once I reached cruising speed I paused and clipped my left foot in. Not sure if this is a good technique but it felt smooth and I rationalized it would be easier to carry speed vs pausing under acceleration to try and clip in.

Speeds going out were 28 – 30 and was struggling to hold 18 – 19 after the turnaround. I lose at least a mph going back in the saddle, I have to stay way on the tip of the saddle, over the pedals and keep my cadence up and a bit punchy to keep the power and speed flowing.

I remember thinking on the way back it would never end and the guy in the green pickup passing really close (as I hugged the white line) and scaring the crap out of me. I looked around after he passed and no one was around us, must of been something wrong with the left lane. Classy.

Thanks to the volunteers for their much appreciated work !

In all her glory:naked litespeed Serious bzns:blur Luke’s disk cover is good for at least 5 watts of graphical power:swirl

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