Wednesday, April 21, 2010

39.6 @ 20.8

Mid 60’s and low single digit winds for the mid-week flog session.

gather I’m not sure why I didn’t have the camera in video mode:wheelhop The other side is the pic of Einstein riding a bike:einstein Helix hotness:helix back Told myself I wasn’t going to sprint but being second off the front a few hundred yards from the Seymour sign was more temptation than I could tolerate. After being passed by a few riders, I said what the heck and made an effort. Martin was hauling two riders to my right and I was out in the wind hammering away and was promptly swallowed up by at least 5 riders and pulled the plug before the line. Meh.chunk Pig Sign road:pigroad I was giggling to myself the arm hair is not aero. Was kinda‘ surprised to actually get the pic to turn out :


I took a small flyer off the front, with 0 chance of staying away, near where I turned off, and managed to grab a video as the group passed.

Yeah, I rock the old school ebay gloves:oldschoolgloves 

spandex, like Spiderman

The world needs more crappy beer.

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