Wednesday, April 14, 2010

43 @ 21.3

heap Healthy sized group of riders for beautiful weather and low winds. Today’s route was a bit rough since we were without our ride leader calling directions early and keeping the ride flowing.

Big Jay riding strong, fresh off his 517 mile RAAM qualifying effort:train Restart after beer rental returns:beerrentalreturn Flyby vid here.

Meeting of the minds deciding the route:rudderless The regroup after the Ivesdale sprint and Luke off the front in TT mode. We wound up doing some 8 man rotating paceline as the pace heated up and the group had splintered.

offthefront Stayed with the fast group most of the way home dangling off the back for a while, recovering and taking a few more pulls before giving up just before Duncan and tempoing home. I think I was at 36 miles @ 21.8 for the group portion. Good ride.


Poking around the web today, I found it interesting Hincape is 6’ 3” on a 57cm bike for Paris-Roubaix.

Contador’s rig for 2010:

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