Wednesday, April 28, 2010

43.2 @ 20.7

group Smallish group for how nice the weather is, low 60’s winds from the S at 10.. Pace was a tad more casual until it wasn’t. Not feeling in the greatest of shape I tried to take it easy and enjoy the ride.

thefasts Farmers are outstanding in their field, planting time!:planting This was the view of the beginning of the end for me, approximately mile 38. Jay in the yellow is tapering for Calvin’s and still nearly induced tears trying to hold his wheel as he bridged a gap. I was content to sit in the draft and tempo:

seeyah After popping out the back, Thomas and John were my ride mates for the last portion before I turned off.

Full tilt boogie:

fulltitlboogie Coming to terms with the realization that bike commuting on a Wednesday is probably not going to be a make or break factor in me staying in contact with the fast pack, I decided to ride in today and enjoy life a little more on two wheels.

Chilly start for the morning commute, 33° :rearview Clementine powered:clementinepowered Lunch hour bike rack sightings:protect fendered and some internets hot wheels:

The Appleseed Cast - Fight Song


  1. What time do y'all start? I got an email from somebody who went there at 5:45 and nobody was there...

  2. 5:30 Wednesdays, 8 on Sat and Sunday