Sunday, April 18, 2010

45.9 @ 19.5

reflection Chilly start and a group of roughly 10 for a scenic jaunt to Fisher. This route holds a special place in my heart being one of the first rides I did with the ‘cards over a year ago. I couldn’t have imagined the comradery and athleticism I’d experience as a result of joining. I almost know my way there and back too!

Alexi’s 5th place effort in Leland yesterday left his rig lookin’ a little dusty. Sounds like the course is best suited for those on the front who have lots of power and cyclocross experience. Thomas mentioned his 6th place effort, washing out at 30 mph, was one of the scariest things he’s done.

dirtygurl dirty I found the contrast to John’s rig stark, it sucks gettin’ old but the bike bits stay cleaner:

clean Still not feeling the best so the camera stayed in the jersey more than usual. Got a vid of climbing an overpass since it was a short enough effort not to get me dropped messing around with the camera but still lets you, the reader, get an idea of what it’s like.

People pay to ride roads these nice:rockinchair Luke was feeling good and went off the front about 15 miles from home and stayed away since no one was really feeling all that frisky to organize a chase effort. We did some nice tempo work back and put another solid ride in the books.

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