Sunday, April 4, 2010

70.3 @ 20.4

Mid 50’s and south winds in the upper teens greeted us for another Sunday session in the pain cave. Temps finished in the upper 60’s and winds in the mid 20’s gusting steadily in the mid 30’s.

Always good to see the friendly faces:

Jim echelon Restart after the beer rental returns:

partytime Vid yo.

formation wooshwoosh srsbzns rivercrossing remora After everyone turned back to town, 4 headed on for more miles.

iknowmyplace Pace got heated and I went promptly to the pain cave trying to stay on Martin’s wheel:

deepinthepaincave remoraandthefastkids Nerves and reactions had to be razor sharp to keep out of wheels. John turned 53 today and was dolin’ out some pain finishing the day strong with a metric. We learned the origin of the Batman nick was from a pre-dawn flyby in all black on inline skates. Apparently a group of runners thought he looked like Batman under the street light and it stuck. Happy Birthday!

batman I left this pic’s horizon tilted up since that’s how it felt most of the day:

uphillagianstthewind Pace stayed fast, speeds in the low 30’s for the majority of the return home with lots of cross winds to keep it interesting:

thirtytwofiveWatching Martin off the front I was pretty sure conditions for lift were going to be achieved. Everyone stayed rubber side down and got some good wind training in.


Big Jay told me at the end I’m a draft monkey and I need to stop trying to beat everyone in the sprint. I must be doing something right. Solid ride, good times.

Tour of Flanders on Versus at 4.

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