Thursday, April 15, 2010

Accepting the Life Constant: Change

crabapple Warmer than average temps has the plant world harmoniously exclaiming, “weeeeeeeee!” It's usually this time of year that I re-begin efforts to try and satisfy all those aspects I lost with my coral reef aquarium with the plant world my mother introduced me to as a toddler. Think I’ve decided to donate the use of my easement to the production of flowers for the elderly by volunteer gardeners. They might not need more land but I’d like to participate.

Some starts of a thorn-less blackberry vine developed at UIUC that I happened across in last year’s gardening adventures. They spent the winter right where they’re pictured and are doing just fine:

blackberries I’m getting concerned about my placement here, I may have underestimated Cascade’s requirements:cascade Salvaged fence and pallet shade structure for holding and hardening off recent transplants:shade

Think people will ride more bikes and have more tolerance when sharing the road if oil dries up?

Hope she's OK, you really gotta' pay attention out there.

Reading Jill's post today I was struck by her words coalescing my thoughts on my competitive cycling activities.
” You don't have to be great at something to pursue it with all your heart. “
I'm that guy that hangs, claws on to the wheels of stronger riders in hopes of one day becoming a strong guy, who mixes it up with faster riders, dangles off the back and returns for more if there's any left. Every ride I burying myself deep in efforts I would not have had the framework to engage without the teamwork and group to learn the dynamics of effort and recovery. Much of this is in the form of indirect mentoring by the stronger riders, just by example. I'm seeing higher average speeds and fresher post-ride legs but I still get dropped hard by the fast guys. Clearly not a sprinter, guessing my efforts are better focused on longer pulls when the group slims on weekend rides and staying in the fast pack as long as possible for Wednesdays. Tricky to keep a steady pace when there are accelerations in pacelines on cooked legs/lungs without messing everything up at nearly 30 mph. Main goal is to stay safe. Challenge and accomplishment is part of why I return.


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