Thursday, April 8, 2010


Copper sink mirrored crops:

2010.4.8 2010.4.8.2 2010.4.8.1 Chilly with high winds today, cut the work day short to do some nurture in stressful times.

Hopefully my last visit here for a good long time:


In a special treat from the When It Rains It Pours Dept. on the ride to work this morning I was stopped by an officer requesting my information, again, for the other officer that spoke to the driver earlier this month. I guess it must not be a big deal since the original officer was too busy to talk, writing up a burglary report, when I called first thing this morning to see what this is about. Smells funny but I guess it's good that motorist vs. cyclist issues are making a blip on the radar. There are some cycling friends encouraging me not to talk to the cops since I’ve already given my statement once but it seems counter-productive not to. I think they've seen enough cyclist vs motorist conflict to think the scales tilt towards motorist's favors and don’t want me to have to deal with more drama. Saga resumes I guess.

Can’t miss the unfurling acers:

acerunfurling unfurl beni

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