Friday, April 2, 2010

Inarticulatable Aspects


Managing to slide through the small spaces to avoid bad astonishment, maybe the dimensional self that knows all possibilities is talking to this dimensional self guiding me though challenge. Things seem to be clicking, maybe I’m in the symetrical balance to when things are all jacked up and nothing is going right.

riderback DIY Pugsly Xtra bike ?

diypugsleyside diypugsley diypugslyrear Saw several familiar faces from the weekend group rides and cruised around chit-chattin’ on lunch:

riders Replaced the seat but not the wheels?


Bell tower:

belltower I actually went and talked to another contact I know about the MFA program for New Media yesterday and articulated I have a desire to aesthetically synergize science and art with the emphasis on portraying science in visually appealing ways with digital photography. Discussed the emphasis on understanding and talking about how one's work fits into the social matrix and the additional coursework for an MFA compared to other disciplines. Documenting the scientific narrative was also mentioned. Gathered more info and names to pursue in the next stage.

ET phone home:

biglight The rare commute without the don’t-run-me-over-bro vest:


How to put on a jacket at speed.

Macros of dew covered bugs

IR photos

I keep losin' at deals and I dont wanna' make a deal anymoar!
Someone needs to make a mashup with King Curtis and this guy.

moar bike pr0n :

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