Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Joy Taxed

highwinds No Wednesday ride due to work. Somehow, I'll get over it. Took a half day vacation to commence the coping.


Stopped by Baker’s to check on parts and make a little progress on my build. He’s busy as usual fixing something up:

bakerFeeling the tug of my narrative, desiring progression to its relative completion. Lots of tugs in many directions.

Watched a good friend get tugged to the ground today, helmetless, and slide to a stop on his broken clavicle. 9 staples in the head, three cracked ribs and a punctured lung later he's surfin’ the morphine drip. I thought I watched him die but he woke up. Life is so fragile. Be careful out there and wear your helmet every time.

trio Top 10 beers:


Why many cyclist are reluctant to become involved in motorist vs cyclist conflicts ?

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