Thursday, April 1, 2010

Keen on My 7 O'Clock

commutin83° record setting from 1946 day. Cars are friiiisky. I suppose this is a direct correlation to the amount of amateur and casual cyclist taking to the streets. I rarely pass another cyclist going in the same direction on my commute in. Pretty sure it was the campus squirrel guy.

commuters Mandatory lunch time bike rides fill the soul with joy, joy, joy:

fixxerrrrrrrrrr quadClever use of a stem, painted band clamps, halved wine corks and led flashlights:


Impatient SUV drivers with seeming entitlement issues to the right lane of a two lane in one direction road this morning. Somehow their energy can be used for good. This guy in the hummer crowded me as I waited for the light at Springfield and First so I leaned to the right, snapped a pic and didn’t say a word:

entitled This clown (below) passed a row of cars to the right as they waited to turn left, stopped fast just before the dark car half in frame and stuck out his left arm to signal a turn. Seriously, don’t do this. Wait your turn, in the lane, like a car, so you can ride again tomorrow.


Be careful out there, all kinds of weird heaping piles of smelly compost going on.

"learning to dream amazing things I think I cant do and proving myself wrong"    Home is whenever Im with you.

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