Thursday, April 29, 2010

Moments of Synchronicity

Lots of cyclists out on the roads even with the high winds as we prepare to enter National Bike Month. How about National Car Month where cyclists are the norm and we need some month to remind people to drive their cars. I guess a bike to work/school day is a good place to start.

Wind was still low-ish on the way in. Experienced my first left lane rider on a one way road. I don’t have the guts to do it. As you can see I’m hugging the right side of the right lane or in the parking lane as a traffic calming measure. In my experience people get aggressive when forced to navigate around me riding next to an open parking lane like in the second pic down. This guy was pretty fast and seemed like a strong rider. I reduced speed so I didn’t cause a cyclist clog of traffic by travelling next to him in the right lane.

leftlane Garbage truck stopped in the left lane causing a merge event that I felt most comfortable witnessing from the clear parking area. According to the law I’m supposed to be riding in the right-hand portion of the lane causing the line of cars behind me to wait.

merge I was inspired by the contrast of vehicular cyclists and cars and felt pretty lucky for my position in this matrix.takinthelane

Stopped by Baker’s to visit and mess around with my next conversion project. A Raleigh Record likely built around the time I was conceived and in response to the bike boom of the 70’s.

Currently under guard:

precious raleigh Ireland I got a chuckle out of finding this pic on the innertubes:

A few of the 5,000 rip-roaring bike commuters who visit campus on any given day:commuters

30 mph sustained winds with gusts to 50. Most all the drivers I encountered were patient and passed with plenty of room but it seems like there's always bad apples in the bunch. Nothing crazy but certainly a few close passes that could have been avoided by some patience, a blinker and the use of the left lane on a two lane in one direction road. It's not that tough and cyclists pay with their lives everyday from motorists misjudging passing distances.

Pretty sure yelling at drivers doing squirrelly road maneuvers and confronting them as result them would earn you some jail time here, in California you're bike commuter of the year. Car culture motors on and people in Florida can smell oil in the air.

I’ve always loved overloaded working bike pics:

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