Thursday, May 13, 2010

28 @ 18.6

These commercials crack me up in the morning.

secured I rarely drink soda now but once in a while I like to indulge.cola leftturn Managed to put together a short but sweet ride after work battling the SW winds @ 16 gusting to low 20's. I should say I spent much of the time trying not to get dropped in Martin’s draft. This was an easy ride for him since he already ran 17 miles and would do a swim after the ride. Ughf.

clouds Storms were rollin’ in but didn’t get us wet.rowcrops goodtimes Spent some time picking his brain for tips on the TT effort this weekend and feel pretty good about it. Going to try 3 Alleve an hour before, a gel and a full bottle of malto mix and a heaping helping of pianful near-threshold effort.My foot is going to feel like it’s on fire but oh well. Called Sidi USA and received great customer service, should be receiving some replacement cleat receptacle nuts

The first time anything on twitter has made me laugh.

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