Sunday, May 2, 2010

42.6 @ 20.5

Light sprinkles and rain soaked roads with temps in the mid 50’s winds SSE @ 10 met a group of 8 for another Sunday recovery ride. Or if you’re on Martin’s IronMan training schedule, it’s another century like yesterday. Since the dishwasher, garbage disposal AND toilet flush valve all crapped the bed last night I opted to stick close to home to see to it the lady of the house stayed happy.

chilly cribonahill fastwheels adjusting fasts About halfway through the ride took a turn towards the comedic side when the guy “who never flats“, flatted.

flatfun hill rows Then another flat, and another and another and another, total of 6 or seven for the day? Thankfully, none were mine. Dollar boots FTW. We just clown around and watch for cars:

stand Back on the road, yah mule!:lolgoofs flat Warmed up nicely finishing in the upper 60’s and with winds reducing to the single digits. Solid ride even with all the flatting.

Next Saturday is long miles day hopefully meeting Martin in Urbana at 7:15 to ride to Kickapoo and back. With any luck we'll get a small pack to ride over and East winds for the return.


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