Saturday, May 15, 2010

65.9 @ 20.4

Another mix of seasoned veterans and strong group ride newbies set the stage for a dynamic and laughter filled jaunt across the prairie. I had intended to turn back early with someone to leave some extra gas in the tank but it didn’t really work out like that.

readysetgogogogo I need to try and remember to take more pics from the front angles but for now, enjoy the butt shots:


New riders always makes me remember my first group ride with the ‘cards. On the way to Fisher someone checked up a bit in front of me and I grabbed a handful of brake and almost made Shunk crash into the back of me. Rightfully so, he got pissed and said, “I’m not ridin’ behind that guy anymore.“ Oh how far I’ve come. Dan will ride behind me now and probably prefers my wall-o-draft to some of the small wind pockets. This was also the same ride when I spent a little time in the shoulder grass as a I pulled off the front. I still get a little nervous on the right side. Squirrely noob.

Midwest Friday night aftermath:

partysover Lukes power overwhelmed a spoke in his front wheel prompting a prolonged linger near some pond who’s name I don’t know:

fertilizerholder In and out of the trees, today’s route was a nice mix of scenery, hills, errr mounds and flats:

trees Frenchy and I were droolin’ over the Addict:work

Fun ride in terms of attacks and mixing it up. The big guns were off crushing souls in races so I was able to maintain contact with the fast kids and actually spent time rotating through and doing work. Usually when the pace gets hot I’m in way over my head within the first few miles and know enough to gtfo the way.This one was right there at a fairly sustainable threshold effort with pulls in the 26 – 27 range.


Solid attack towards the end with a group of 8 including Olympic speed skating talent. I watched Thomas(Thunder), Frenchy and Kuck float off at the end and only from traffic hindrances for them did I reconnect.

From the Technical S.N.A.F.U Dept. I managed to make my chain start jumping off the big ring to the little after shifting to the big ring going slow and under torque. It’s almost like a link is stiff now, shifts to the left, chatters a bunch and pops off the big ring and lands on the little like the ring is bent. Perfect timing for tomorrows effort.

Good ride.


Link pulled part of the way out and was lining the chain up to ride on top of the links:

uhhhh Snugged it back up and seems to be fine:pushed A goal of mine has been live somewhere I can take a pretty picture out my front door, done:pump

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