Saturday, May 29, 2010

81.5 @ 19.9

Climbing right back in the saddle after Wednesday’s event is the only way I’m going to get over seeing what I saw. I was happy others who were present for the Wednesday event were also present this morning and in their usual jovial spirits.  Temps were warm to start, low 80’s finishing in the upper 80’s, winds from the E in the high single digits.

Feeling fresh:


I felt pretty good until about mile 40, just after all but 5 of our group turns back for home. I survey the remaining 4 riders and realize I’m clearly not where I should be.


Approaching kickapoo and the killer hills, yay 11-21:


I guess even if you ride 10k miles a year you still get noob tats.


Ultra-weightweenor goes cyclocrossing:


This one was an exercise in suffering and pushing hard in times that I would normally be relaxing my efforts and conserving energy to cope and recover with challenges in my life. I was fully fueled and well hydrated but just off. Really should have known better and turned back with the short group. Luckily ours split outside of Champaign so I got the reduction in pace that kept my breakfast firmly in place. It wouldn’t have been long before that changed. I managed to connect back up with 2 of them in a bit of navigational fubar-ery on my part. Imagine that.

I went directly from stripping the kit off onto a pile on the kitchen floor to the shower to bed for a 2 hour nap and felt much better.


wtf, top kill isn’t working now and never did.

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