Sunday, May 23, 2010

Avalon Acres

Due to work and some other engagements I missed the racing in town Saturday and Sunday (via Rob's flickr) but managed to get by Avalon Acres for some hand-picking of the bluest blues for my blue hosta bed. I’ve purchased hostas before from Denny and keep returning for the good prices, healthy plants and friendly banter.

I enjoyed listening to him talk about the history of his gardens, testing fellow breeder’s developments and his future aspirations for hybrids such as variegations in the blue cuppers.

His Lab:lab Outstanding in his field:

AvalonAcres This is one of the areas we’re allowed to select from:selections xl variety bunches spread Many maturing specimens surround the ‘ for sale ‘ area allowing you to see what they will turn into. I took home a ‘Nigrescens’ based on this guy:


pewterware sherborneswift Maybe Denny will email me and let me know the names of these again:


rare fancy wowow lovely glossy envy

I felt like I was investing in the value of my home selecting some of the nicest blues I’d ever seen. Thanks again for everything, I wish I had more shade.


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