Friday, May 14, 2010

Success Hides Inside Thoughts

Todays title credits to my very clever buddy, kram.

Left the house on the bike a little later than usual and saw the local car-free bloggeress xiousgeonz merrily making her way to work. Was also very rudely honked at by a motorist in a dark green Grand Prix as we're approaching Mattis on University. This seems to be a very contentious spot. Was I not supposed to ride my bike to work in a predictable manner using the right-hand portion of the right lane in a two lane in one direction road? Irritated you had to look left, use a blinker and turn your wheel three inches to the left to use that other lane to pass me? Very sorry about that sir, you have a nice day. Lots of motorists in a mad rush to get to work when I travel the 7:30 - 8 block of time, the last thing they want to see is someone on a bike in their lane. Sharing is tough to do sometimes and oil is still gushing into the gulf. There's a balance here somewhere. Certainly, it isn't here.

Hello beautiful:


flyer secure fuzz " And all day I knew there was an incredible love somewhere in my world... and I felt sad, needing to explain it but I can't because it belonged to me, to anyone else it was just wet images " - J. Carrol

mixte bluegrips shadylane Graduation, students moving out ... that explains why I was nearly dragged under the wheels of a u-haul trailer being pulled by a black Jeep Cherokee as I rode in the right hand portion of the right lane of a two lane in one direction road yesterday. Maybe they forgot the wheels of a trailer stick out another foot or so from the sides of the truck. Unbelievable lack of regard for human life and display of impatience. I used to think the 3' law was neat but I have come to the conclusion it's basically token and un-enforceable unless witnessed by a cop. Lives to ride another day.

graduated get some Cuddles gear for a good cause

Went on a hosta photo tour during lunch.

Across the street from the armory:curl crumple gold veriegated Urbana Universalists church:

bluues bigblues blues acer Lincoln Hall renovation:lincolnhallhostas Armory:

armory Keep on truckin’


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