Friday, May 7, 2010

Wounded Otter

Lulled brown mound with deep soulful eyes, cant help but to think she should have called at least someone to assist.

Maybe I need a talisman too, to keep the buzzing drivers at bay:

raar Clean single speed with a magnetic light setup that worked pretty well when I queried the owner:

greened Radicool:


This pic would have been before the other one but Live Writer decided to reorder it so whatever. If I go back to writing this crappile in the blogger web interface I’ll probably give up the blog and do something more worthwhile. So yeah, detail of magnetic lights:magneticlights

“and we -- we have known and believed the love, that God hath in us; God is love, and he who is remaining in the love, in God he doth remain, and God in him.”foursixteen Must be art:

moveablefeast I was giddy to find these guys, only took me riding by them 15 times to notice:

carnivore top close Decided to carry the theme and visit some of my favorite hosta stands:

thick stack underside cascading hostastandtoo hostastand

Delete your facebook profile or better yet, don't create one.
Since it's apparently buried 5 clicks deep and maybe you didn't make it all the way through the list, here's the direct link to delete.

Love this pic of Sonya Looney:

via her flickr

This site is pretty funny/jacked up, click at your own risk.

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