Wednesday, June 30, 2010

57.8 @ 20.6 max 34.8


78° NE @ 6 … group of 25 or so. Good to see a few infrequent Wednesday riders lined up. Chad, even with just short rides, kicked my followed-Martin-and-Jay-around-all-winter booty. Pace stayed heated from the beginning and the group seemed to be in synch and riding strong.

John, a rider re-joining the group this year, will be leaving us soon. I’ll be sad to see his large draft and late ride attacks go. It’s been nice watching another big guy, like myself, suffer under effort. Happy trails !


Jiiiiimmm makin’ it happen and lookin’ good:


I lined up behind Jay and stole half of Greg’s leadout draft at the St. Joe sign sprint barely nipping it at the sign. A few miles later I proceed to drop a water bottle (noob) that I blame on a new cage that is grabby and not bent just right to be tight, but not too tight. I turned back for the bottle, miss it on the first pass, roll by and had to double back again on the second. An 8 mile TT and a Flatville rest break later I was back with the group.

Sweet Pea throwin’ down an attack that gets reeled back in:


Legs felt good when it came time to hold a 27+ mph pace and managed to find some good wheels to follow. I somehow wound up behind Jay again and knew I was in trouble when he got on the front. Pretty much fried after holding his wheel(max speed?) and taking my own short pull, I go slowly off the back and form a pretty decent chase train collecting up the casualties of the fast pack.

At mile 50ish, a group of 6 or 8 decides to head out to the country instead of turning West on Windsor from east Urbana and heading home. Animals.

Speakin’ of, almost time for the FAT ASS race, sub-4 hour century gogogogogo!


Few pics from today’s lunchtime bike wanderings:


Found raw material on the eaves of the education building:


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Mending

Thankful for place:


I learned today from querying a construction worker near the fence that the old bridge at the Bone Yard retention pond construction site will be untouched and incorporated into the landscape. Water will run from a nearby waterfall under the bridge and into the retention pond. I’m kinda excited to see what this is going to look like. Anyone know where plans are viewable online?



One of my favorite spots to pass on the lunch rides, The Morrow Plots:


Working last weeks raw material:

6.29.2010 6.29.2010.1

Monday, June 28, 2010

Subconscious Mind: Parallel Processor



We sort of instinctually, …. subconsciously moved to our respective right of the bike lane and went along our way. Hard to win fans of cycling on the road behaving like that. (This is a one lane in each direction road with a bike lane on each side)

I’m officially a participant in the Hammer Referral Reward Program (click the huge Hammer ad to the bottom right) and am awaiting the arrival of my Endurolytes caps.
I hear from fellow athletes the SUCEED! S! Caps are cheaper and work as well, so we’ll see.



Run down cyclists with your car, while drunk, in Chicago for fun? That's community service.
I wonder what happens in Ennis Texas if that happens.

"Biking is an answer to weight control" .... if you can avoid marauding motorists. I’ve gotten really good at riding with one eye ahead and one behind. I notice I’m buzzed less and passed more often in a more humane manner. I’m fairly certain I’ve shocked and amazed more than one motorist with my ability to navigate in a forward direction with my head clearly cocked to my left shoulder. With practice, peripheral vision becomes pretty sharp and some of the rude, close passes abate. Lots and lots of very nice, patient drivers out there but it only takes one to flash your mortality before your eyes and produce the tingly feeling of getting a little too close to it.

Life rolls on.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

59.8 @ 19.7

Managed to roll up for the 7 AM start, somehow. Felt pretty strong. Stiff winds and temps in the low 80’s.

I kept smelling bacon. MMM bacon and deep crabon:



Fresh off his Colorado trip, and in Iron Man form, Martin laid down a few monster pulls that I had foolishly lined up next to him for. Dell must of had it with the pace and popped a hole in his tire. The notion circulated that they became overinflated from being filled to 120 psi in an AC’d house and later warmed up.


Gave me more time for deep crabon fixations:


Back on the road:


I managed to stay away for the sprint effort for Ivesdale and just barely nipped Jay for the Bement sprint. It would have been his had he gotten out of the saddle and tried.


Martin looked like he could sprout wings from the skin suit and launch himself at any moment:


lol Meat Galore:


Century chasing or something, I was careful not to get too close lest be sucked into the vortex and cheerfully waved bye as mile 50 or so clicked off on my trip meter:


One more? Why not:


Amusing cat is not amused:


Wandered by some soapy water making abstract designs on a sidewalk and I guess you all know what happens next:


Saturday, June 26, 2010

By Example

Group ride start time changed to 7AM so that meant 5:30 came and went without the usual rituals. Instead I slept for about 12 solid hours, worked on bikes, toiled in the gardens and goofed off with Jr.

Gifted from a buddy callin’ it quits, I hear New Glarus is a cycling and beer lovers mecca. This bottle sure was tasty:


Miniature hosta bed in the entryway:


Tiger Lilies about to bloom:


Mirrored crops from the original of the bottle pic above:


Here I play with the what if of flipping orientations and committing to a direction, showing the results I normally bypass by picking one or the other:




Charming moment from today as I wrenched on Jr’s junker spare bike he keeps here. He asks, “Papa, are you an artist?” I chuckle and ask, “ What made you ask that?” He replies, “ Because you fix stuff.” I thought in that moment he really gets this and hoped that in our discussions of tools and fixing his bicycle he might learn to love art in many ways like I do. I replied that in a way, it did make me an artist.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Verdant Endeavors

Wordled the last week of May from the blog:


and the last week:




Gary bike lane Xtracycle hammerfest:


Very curious about what will happen here:


Good sunset ride with a buddy:


Micronaut's awesome pollen pics:


and a glimpse into his process


"It's just like prison"

Hard to believe anything BP says but hopefully the Ocean Therapy Solutions machines will help.