Wednesday, June 2, 2010

47.4 @ 20.3

Winds WSW @ 7, temps in the mid-70’s, group of 20ish.  Was good to see a healthy turnout after last week’s fiasco. We made extra sure to stay aware and safe and were only pelted by gravel from pickup drivers passing us at high rates of speed on narrow country roads once or twice. I always wonder what the thought process of people who drive like that is. They’re probably wondering what made us so crazy that we’d want to go ride our bikes in a group out in the country.


fly by vid

Still feeling blah-ish I left the camera in the jersey for most of the ride focusing on being safe, fast and a decent chat in the chat roulette of the group ride atmosphere.

Group had already begun to shatter and I realized I better get a pic and get ready to boogy or it wasn’t going to happen:


I stayed in the lead group for a bit after the pace went ballistic, taking a few pulls, doing my customary hang off the back for a few more and then giving up.

There they go:


Usually someone is closely behind to form a chase train but no one was in sight so I solo’d home relaxed and rejuvenated.

I learn all sort of things from bikey people. Today I learned that if someone tries to run you over in their car taking a picture of their car and liscence plate isn't enough, you will need to take a clear pic of the driver in the act or get a clear enough view to able to pick them out of a line up later. If you don’t the case goes no where. Does the motorist then get to know your name if you cant ID them?
Think Illinois drivers who show very little concern for cyclists know there is no Negligent Vehicular Homicide law like 35 other states? Punishment for the distracted driver who killed cyclist Matt Wilhelm was charged with improper lane usage and fined $1000.  Where's the incentive for driver accountability ?
Moral to the story: Ride as if your life depends on it, it does, and don’t expect anyone in authority or behind the wheel of a vehicle to be on your "side". It will only be through a series of fortunate circumstances that justice will be served if any is due.

Posts like this remind me why blogs are important, not only for the writer but the readers.

Mike likes bike. (NSFW: language)

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John Butler Trio - Guitar Solo
John Butler Trio - Ocean

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