Saturday, June 12, 2010

66.66 @ 20

Group of 10-ish and plenty of new faces, one of which is rejoining the pace after a 6 year hiatus from 10 years of racing. I enjoyed his stories of Larry and other characters from back in the day. OG racers.

Wouldn’t take long for this to burn off and start cookin:


New kids stick out about as much as my freakishly shapen arms:


Incoming missile!


Martin joins us just long enough to try and find long ride takers and heads off on Ironman training when we turn around for home. I’ve tentatively agreed to 100+ for tomorrow but am highly skeptical it will happen.


One scoop of chocolate Muscle Milk naturals and water:


How to spot the triathlete in any group of cyclists:


Mmmm, Addict:


After I flatted and all but JB and Greg went on, JB proceeds to set a blistering pace that wore my desire to push hard down to near nothing. I wished Greg good luck tomorrow in Peoria and snapped the ceremonial “ see ya “ moment:


Tired, out of fluids, and miles from home I got to patch another flat in true yard sale style:


Good ride in the sense that I made it home safe. Made the nap this afternoon all the sweeter.

Black Raspberries:


The hydrangea is going to out grow this spot quickly, need to figure out where to put it:



Blue Mouse Ears got beat up in a bad spot and has put on two new leaves after transplanting:


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