Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Way Making


Still feeling a bit shocky.... just off, low energy and uninspired. I scrapped the post from yesterday documenting my thankfully uneventful 32 @ 18 ride on the westside deciding I just didn't have anything to offer worth seeing. Instead, just tried to focus on nurture and recuperation. Seeking to clear the funk from my head I climbed on the bike earlier than usual this morning and did my best attempt at a lazy saunter to work in the appropriately foggy conditions.

I go reallly slow slow when I leave trying to breathe it deep into my eyes:P5317675



Great, induces a nice flashback of a car driving through a group of cyclists. Are the LA cops under BP jurisdiction now?

This guy had the right idea but needs a trailer or a rack:


Still goin’:


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