Tuesday, August 31, 2010

On the Path …..


Better than rattling around in the cage or on the ground:


and you’ll know them by the whites of their eyes

Hell hath no fury like 4chan scorned, she should be glad they weren't kittens.

Better living through fun .

gear cube 
heart gear

Monday, August 30, 2010

Steady as She Goes

More rack wanderings at lunch time:


I could hardly believe someone would risk it, even had a PowerTap hub:


Baker’s build:



It’s all fun and games till someone gets rabies:


Sunday, August 29, 2010

54.4 @ 19.7 max. 30.3

More perfect weather and another small group. This time with Jim arriving on foot to share his story of an errant bike-seeking dog missile breaking his shoulder and collar bone, and news of Greg sustaining a dislocated shoulder? after rolling a tire off the rim and going over the high side of the new switchback section of Kickapoo. Combine those with Mark’s stories of crashing at Marshall and you’ve got a run of bad luck. Crashing sucks but it happens, hope everyone heals up quick.

I forget, maybe he’s showing off his melanoma or something(refuses to wear sunscreen):


The often imitated but never duplicated:



Tuscola extended its warm and welcoming hand. I’m always happy to see the towns and can’t wait to leave once I arrive.





Solid tailwind and JB on the front, happens every time:


Just when I was starting to relax a little in hypersensitivity mode for mechanicals, I feel the signature sweet release of another shifter cable(new this spring) giving up the ghost around mile 40. Limited the derailleur up a few from the bottom on Ben’s wise suggestion.



In my second ever physics-defying act of mechanical alchemy, by just riding along I manage to make the chain jump out of the derailleur cage requiring loosening of the jockey wheel to remedy. Big Jay, curiously present for both events, taught me the loosening the jockey wheel trick.


I’d say I should be about done with mechanicals for a while but I know better than to tempt the matrix like that. I stayed up and arrived home safe which is really the important part, all this mechanical stuff can be fixed.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

58 @ 19.9 max. 28.1

Some of the nicest weather of the year and the smallest group I’ve seen for a Saturday ride. Several riders are off competing in events, good luck to Martin and the guys racing at Marshall. ! Sunny and 54° to start  with single digit winds from the East finishing at 80°.



Bikey crushing on this Waterford:



I could easily put this one to work (via Waterford.com):


Corn fields are being opened up ( harvesting the end rows and several combine swaths in the middle to assist in drying the kernels ). Some of the early in corn is already out. Busy time of year on the family farms.





Solid ride, I was impressed by Jessica’s resilience already back riding strong and logging 75 mile rides 7 weeks after catching an edge and going down, suffering a concussion and several fractures in her pelvis. Keep on keepin’ on !

Friday, August 27, 2010

City of Bubbly Love


Treated and released, narrowly. That’s were we live as cyclists, on the narrow line between all the benefits of cycling and peril.

Yesterday’s letter to the editor of the News-Gazette by the "pretty much typical CU driver" describing her unwillingness to acknowledge the rights of cyclists is disturbing. I hope someone helps her understand the rules of the road. I'd provide a link to the letter but I guess it's only in the printed edition. I imagine taking a photo of the letter from the paper and republishing is a violation of copyright laws. Seems kinda' inflammatory for the paper to publish someone basically admitting to violating 3' laws among other anti-harrassment laws recently passed? Rules or no rules, there's just a certain level of human decency that's missing if someone feels entitled to use their vehicle as social commentary with potentially deadly results. Just because you drive a bigger vehicle than someone else doesn't mean you own the road, have a little compassion.




A glimpse into the piles that people ride around on, all at once charmed and a perturbed sense of aesthetic:


mmm, Van Dessel:


quantam boggle

Ride your bike to the sweet corn festival and park in the bike parking and get a coupon for a free ear of corn, sweet.

Be safe out there.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rack Fodder

With the masses come gems for the keen-eyed cycling enthusiasts. The first two are welcome to eat crackers in my garage any day. I’m nearing dowsing rod status for finding creative/interesting rides among the swarms of BSO.






Fan of the bars:





Burned more vacation time to wander around and get some errands done in the near-perfect weather.

When I die, I’d like to come back as an Urbana squirrel or shop dog.




Light the Night coming up September 30th, free lights to the first 1000 of the masses so show up with a bike. In a bit of serendipity looking for the Light the Night link I found local artist Jason Patterson’s blog.

OMG baby otters:

What happens when you need to work on the bike and make a mess ?

Scanning electron bug pics, always a favorite.

Oh, OK, I see what you did there.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

37.8 @ 19.8 max. 34.7

Sunny, 79° with 12 gusting to 21 from the NNW. Healthy sized group eager to decide sprint championships and get back before dark left Q at the start who arrived late still in street clothes, unlike Martin who arrives a few mins early driving his car in full kit and helmet.


Q is strong and has no problem catching on a few miles down the road. Group quickly resumes solid pace-making, drivetrains and friends chattering along in the paceline.


I went about 50 yards early for what would be a fairly craptastic sprint leadout. Not only did I die too early from the line I allowed myself to float over to the side of the road that made it difficult for Alexi to come around. Luckily I realized this soon enough to stay in the power, move towards the wind and put him in a better position to catch on the next train shortly behind. I was 100% gassed by the time we were caught. Maybe one day I’ll get that timing down.

I foolishly took a nature break off the back and had to TT to nasuea to catch back on. Pretty sure that was the end of my Wednesday ride right there. Spent the better part of 5 miles hanging off the back, dry heaving, spitting and wondering why I do stupid stuff.


Managed to stay with the pack for another 10 miles and bridged up to two riders on a break after a few solid pulls. Bike behaved well, the motor just didn’t have it. I can really tell a difference on the all-out efforts pushing this Easton Vista rear wheel vs. the Rolf Aspin.


Popped off the back in my usual style, unable to match the power in acceleration bursts, this time well before normal and without a drop-mate who knows the way home. Luckily we’re in my stomping grounds of the west side and it’s just a few miles home.


Forgot what it’s like to return home sweating and with a ice-cold belly, almost time for the Craft Windstopper shirt and arm warmers.

and lived </golf clap>