Thursday, September 30, 2010

Augmenting the Augmented Augmentation




Makes sense to me but that's probably because I deal with surly motorists in their gigantic hunks of self-entitlement on my bike on a near-daily basis.

 Chinese playing card factory

Not sure who’s picture of a tiger this is:

Wonder if my gut harbors bad flora

Not gonna’ make it:

3-D fractals

Ron English:

Nature’s Art:

CPU under electron scanning microscope:

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

30.8 @ 21 max 31.8

Last fight night for the year enjoyed near perfect weather. Plenty of strong legs in the pack made for a spirited ride as usual. Managed to find my same group to tempo back to town after being unable to hold Martin’s wheel and bridge up to the break. Art rode especially strong staying in it, recovering and doing solid work in the tempo train. Maybe next year Jay will bring some beer for the hop heads and Shunk wont have anything to complain about.





One of my Top 5 favorite bikes seen around the racks and chain ropes:







Been wanting to share some shower cat antics with the world, so here ya go.

ARf, neato. How about an app that when shown a mural it renders a 3D image of the mural or maybe a whole new work inspired by the original. Sort of opens a whole new realm of collaborative interaction. I think it would be interesting to be able to easily switch to different artist’s work based on the same mural.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

61.2 @ 20.3 max 34.2

Wet roads, low 50’s, winds @ 7 from the NE to start and finishing at 12 mph and upper 50’s. I had lead blocks for legs for most the ride and overdressed slightly. The additional fleece layer was too much after we got going, this must be why I was wanting a windvest last year. Martin took little mercy on us and only stopped after looking back and seeing everyone dropped or feeling the familiar tug of someone holding on to his seat bag.


True to his word, apples were had … I can check this off my to-do list for the year:




Extra-pretty landscape views this time of year. Looking forward to feeling fresher on the bike so the camera is out more. As it is I’m focused on the effort it takes to pull these rides together.

Good times.

Gettin’ there, as it sat before another hour or so of dappling and clearing:



Tires mounted to wheels, lacking some hardware, a donated saddle from the current commuter and maybe better brakes. Fizik gel pads for the bars ? Are exage aero lever hoods impossible to find?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Place Between Push and Pull

Opted to sleep and take care of the gardens(finish hop harvest) instead of the ritual group riding of the race bikes. Enjoyed a tasty lunch with family via bike.



Hoppy goodness lacing:


Friday, September 24, 2010

Stable Addition

Wet commute:


Conversion comes home for painting and hopefully finally assembly:






RIP Jure Robic

85 years in :40

Thursday, September 23, 2010








The Field Lab’s Ped-O-Wash laundrybike gets painted and looin’ good:

it’s CX season which explains why I'm craving bacon socks:


How'd I miss the Peanut Butter Girls?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nature Favors Diversity

Happy Birthday! 6 already?



rest of the pics here

Stopped by Baker’s Bikes earlier today to keep the commuter’s cable-shredding rear shifter(tiagra) on the road. I fell in love with the green frame on the outside of the rack. Debating painting mine but it seems like blasphemy. I dunno. My current fantasy is to turn the commuter into a cyclocross racer and commute on the conversion. Likely only a dream.

All the creativity and production is absolutely contagious. They might even take that old pile in on trade if anyone wants a nice refurb’d bike. Maybe have it repaired and ride it ? They pickup and deliver too.




Go-One EVO-R prototype velomobile, pic from unknown orgin:

Fair Wheel Bikes’ Interbike 2010 geared Parlee fixed project.

Ride like you're not going to be noticed until your bike is under an SUV.

Remember, if you're in Illinois and are recording this behavior(via helmet cam, etc.) , and they happen to yell at you to get off the road before running you over, the video is illegal because their voice is on there without consent. If it's still recording when the police show up to remove your body and they walk in the frame, that's illegal too. Would be nice for legal and makes sense to be synonymous. My condolences to Natasha Pettigrew's family and loved-ones. 

Ride safe and aware out there.


……and there were nipples and free speech in Boulder and the people cheered

Genetically engineered Baker's yeast convert CO2 emissions to solid carbonates useful as building materials.

really? dont miss the comments.

this draws distinct parallels to the American Dream

Sheep’s gotta’ do what a sheep’s gotta’ do: 

a tune for the rides:
Maserati – Monoliths

Perfect time to harvest the rest of the hops in the garden:




Tuesday, September 21, 2010



mixte <3



Defensive pessimism and the race of truth

Tilt- shift Van Gogh

I have no idea where this stuff came from but I liked it so I linked it:


David Lynsky posts the Helix OS on rbr. Holy hotness.

Garmin eats Metrigear.