Sunday, October 31, 2010

49.9 @ 20.3 max 34.3

Low 40°’s to start, brisk 18 mph ENE, finishing at 50°. Came so close to going back to bed on this one. Wore fingerless mesh gloves to have dexterity with the camera, big mistake since the wind and cold making them hurt nearly convinced me to pack it in. A fingered pair with the thumb and forefinger tips cut off might be a better option. The wind vest adds another layer of complexity that means the camera doesn’t doesn’t go in and out of the jersey pocket easily, maybe a new storage spot is in order.


Good to see Larry, the reverse bear (comes out of hibernation when it’s cold) back on the rides. Absolutely love the noise Speedplay pedals make when popping out of a bike with 1080’s.

We know how to party:



After the rest stop/beer rental return, Martin decides on a quick pace forcing the rest of the group to hurry a bit getting started or become dropped. The style of the group is more of a lumbering back to pace even on heated training rides. Savvy to this notion, I usually try to stay to the front of the group with an eye out for anyone pulling antics .. like Martin. He proceeds to set a fairly hot pace forcing a real effort from the ones who hesitated to bridge up, which Sean uses as an incentive to see how hard Martin will have to work to keep up once he was passed. Our nice little Sunday group ride pretty much exploded right there.


I managed to stick around until just before town, finally giving up and deciding to tempo home. (Note to self, install 11-21) Luckily, traffic stopped them and I got back on for some brisk cool down pace and familiar road banter.


Being mortal and not quite bike racer DNA, I dropped off as they all headed on to 75, 90 ish and 100+ days. Oy.

Enjoyed a nice lunch with the parents who are celebrating 18 years, we’ve all come so far in this crazy life. I could have never guessed what this would look like 18 years ago.

It’s been a good ride. Little bumpy with a few abrupt stops, but good.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

10 More ?!

The lovely lady and I visited Starved Rock State Park, enjoyed a guided hike learning about the area’s history and then made our way to St. Louis Canyon. Nice way to cap off 10 years of adventure together.






…rest of the pics here.

New machine, new renderings !



Sunday, October 24, 2010

65.7 @ 20.6 max 40.1

61° with 20 from ssw gusting to 27 finishing at 75° and 17.

Strong group of guys meant this fist-shaker of a headwind was going to leave a mark. Managed to stay in pretty good shape until just before Atwood, haven't felt a hand on my hip pushing me into a headwind in a while.



A well-timed flat meant I got a sorely needed little extra break:


Blood and skulls …



High winds dictated the usual eat-on-the-bike protocol was replaced by a roadside cafe:


Gotta’ love 20 mph tailwinds:


And then there were three … well, 2.5:


Left the 12-26 cassette on for the hills thinking no one is riding hard enough this time of year to spin it out. Wrong. I quit pulling halfway home after spinning out at 40 mph several times. Was already fairly cooked from the effort going out so it didn’t take much.

Took jr. fishing via bike, life is good:




Saturday, October 23, 2010

38.3 @ 20 max 30.4

62° with a brisk 12 from the south. The threat of a glancing blow with green, yellow and red on the radar and mountain bike season meant numbers were low, leaving only the foul weather hardened riders. Pretty excited to see Larry rejoin the group after a 6 month hiatus. Another fast wheel to watch float off into the distance when the pace gets really heated.



Super fast on high-energy granola and dates for breakfast, Martin delivered a slightly brutal pace that pretty much cooked everyone by mile 15 and headed off to Arthur solo. I almost joined but declined knowing that effort would render me useless for the remainder of the day.


Good ride and beautiful weather .

The combination of single speed commuting and last week’s CX effort has my knee feeling tender…. might be in the edge of my physical ability here.

Woke up from the nap to find this in the inbox. Very clever, Martin.


Still playing with these things:


mmmm oatmeal craisin cookies:


Friday, October 22, 2010

Frost on the Pumpkin

Just like that ….







Bakers comes through for me again, proud owner of a bash guard and a fang should arrive soon. Maybe the CX rig will actually happen….. still need to figure out what’s going on with my shoes.


Literal video ? Take On Me 

this is weird even for an 80's band 

I have no idea what you’re saying so here’s a piglet with a monkey on its back? (via ebaum)

jr loves him some smarties:


Thursday, October 21, 2010




flown with an iPhone:

and another

Volcano + thunderstorm via imgur:


The Orville Wright one is from downtown Champaign, it’s been changed now.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

First 1.5 Laps


Pretty much complete fail for my maiden CX voyage, dropped the chain about 10x and gave up. I did fairly well otherwise, except when I tried to navigate a run over obstacle and left my barely used Time NXT shoes on the launch side. Soles are stiff and I cant run the hills without having them flip off my foot. Currently researching my options for a chain keeper and shoes ….. not sure I want to invest more in something that is fairly brutal on this ole’ body. It sucked and I pretty much hated it but mainly because I kept losing my chain.






Current commuter mode:



Fond memory:


Williams Shamir

slow mo eagle owl

mural via imgur:

choppah’ via imgur: