Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Raised up from the grindstone long enough to wander around freezing and spotted a few rides of interest:



streetlight climbing bike lock and the making of.

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information desk (via?):

hello (via?):

Sunday, November 28, 2010

46.5 @ 19.4 max 35.3


Upper 20’s when I left the house, winds 13ish and feeling like 26. Temps finished in the low 30’s for a Tour De Block. Third day on my legs had me feeling flat and pep-less.The usual suspects were riding strong and fast. JB had his quarq-metered TT rig out and found himself riding alone several times off the front. Maybe it’s the angle but my top tube looks pretty short and drastic next to it:





Once in a while I get a good shot or two:


Done this one before:



Same as the first except reversed:


Odd number of riders meant there was a rocking chair to ride in on the back for the lucky or crafty positioner. Spent as much time as possible hiding from the wind and swapping sides with stronger riders to try and save myself for a fast run in to town. Martin cooked Ben right off the bat so I think he got to practice his survival tactics and floated on and off the back a few times. Big Jay is on track to finish the year at 13,5k miles. Ooof.

Bicycling in traffic is a dance you lead.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

58.4 @ 19 max 37.1

28° to start and 34° with 15 wnw to finish
Fisher Sunday on a Saturday via Mahomet.



All of a sudden a 15 mph wind feels like 20+, maybe its the restriction from the extra clothes. I overdressed slightly but I'll take it versus underdressing.


Around Mahomet 1/3 the group went back home one way, 1/3 the other and a few ventured on to Fisher.

The fuel pouch with the infamous Apricot rings:


Apricot ring powered riders:



MMM IPA … that may have even had mine own grown hops in it:



Friday, November 26, 2010

37.9 @ 16.7 max 31.6


21° and 13 mph wsw to start, 28°and 15 mph to finish, gusts felt like 20 easy.

Wind burned and frozen tour through Centerville and Mahomet.


I declined Martin's offer to do a second lap in lieu of sipping warm press, eating extra sharp cheddar slices and napping. It’s gonna’ be a long winter.

When temps are less than or match wind speeds, character will be built.


The extra clothes it takes to keep me warm on the bike constricts motion enough that I really notice the effort it takes to get down the road. Makes me miss those 80° and misting rides. Kit for today was somewhat ridiculous but I stayed warm: neoprene booties with shopping bag liner (windproof), fleece sweatpants, bib shorts, endura stealth lite longs, long sleeve stretchy base layer, merino, shell jacket, short sleeve jersey, arm warmers, Outdoor Research heavy balaclava, Pearl Izumi light weight glove under a fleece sniper mitten.

Working Class Foodies show us how to brew your own pumpkin beer ….. in a pumpkin:


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bird is the Word

Warm house, cooollld weather.


He’s growin up so fast::


Rest of the set here.

10 hours of iographica:

IOGraphica - 10.6 hours (from 15-15 Nov 24th to 2-00 Nov 25th)





FIlter applied to this:


DUg through some pics of the past and posted to flickr:





nicely done visual on the perils of riding in traffic and why it may be better to ride further to the left in a lane.

Passing clearance chart, I really liked Dan Gutierrez's response to being asked if 3' laws are benefitting cyclists in the comments section

I agree

Solar furnace

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Stands on the Shoulders of Giants

2 hours of one half of my Synergy- connected desktop machines captured by iographica( dark dots are pauses of cursor, other dots are clicks):


Meanwhile in Australia (via imgur):


I oppose this.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

81.5 @ 20 Max 41

45° to launch finishing at 55° winds from the S @ 18 gusting to 23.

Arriving early as usual, Jay asks where my helmet is. “ Ahh &^$%!! “ In my zombie-like morning state and head wrapped in a balaclava and a hat, I couldn’t even tell it was missing. After time trialing back home to get my helmet I rejoined the group to battle the south winds.


I flatted about 5 miles into the southbound leg, with a stout headwind it was a welcome mechanical. Probably had a tone of delight/relief in my voice as I sat up on the front and called “flat !!” Thanks to Martin for the Co2 blast and Ben for diggin’ that hidden shard out of the tire that would have surely caused another flat.


By a mile or so outside of Atwood, everyone except Jay and Martin were cooked and reluctant to pull. The expression on the face of the second wheel back pretty much sums it up. Ben did a lot of work at the front keeping up with Jay and Martin while I did my best to hide in the drafts as long as I could.


I foolishly sprinted for several signs and paid dearly for it towards the end of the ride. Still being on a 12-26 and doing 30+ on the way home takes its toll as well. Really should get an 11-23 and see if that’s acceptable for the hills at Kickapoo. Aaron was back in the group and riding well. He bit off a bit more than he wanted to chew and floated off the back once he knew his way back to town. I tried to catch Martin to battle for the last sign fondly referred to as the “poop sign sprint” due to the nearby sanitation station and had nothing left in the tank. Jay will finish the weekend with 220+ miles. Tough ride.


I remember dial up.




Saturday, November 20, 2010

48.1 @ 18.8 max 28

30° and 39° to finish with 2 – 3 mph mph winds.


Fairly relaxed group of 9 strong riders to Homer.






First thing out of jr’s mouth as I walked in the door: “I wanna’ go for a bike ride!” Knows what a balaclava is by age 6: win.


I’d like to live in my very own the Pierre.