Sunday, January 30, 2011

40.9 @ 18 max 27.1

27° and 7 from the NE with dense fog to start and finishing in the low 30°’s, winds shifting ENE and increased to 10-ish made for a bit of a challenge coming home.

Reluctant to do the extra effort to get myself in a good positions for shots the photography for today’s ride suffered:


Roads were pretty good except for sections like this:



One of these things does not look like the other:


Half the group pressed on for more miles at Fisher and I uncharacteristically joined the group turning back for home content with another solid training ride.


Another 40k kit goes in the trusty bean/bone oil burner:


Next month will be the DSG service kit, yay!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chew, Flush, Repeat

I was all prepped for the group ride today but decided to sleep and wander on the bike instead. I havn’t been feeling well lately and thought it might be best to take it easy.

Camera tipped over on the tripod and now no more flash … sadness. Maybe this will fix it.



Sturmey-Archer s2c hub laced right in place of a high flange formula-style hub. Takes some getting used to but I think I like it:


Might as well make a velospace page for it.


Run what cha’ brung:




Rest of the set here.

Pure hilarity, Austin you so silly.

New Art in New China

Seed Swap at the Co-op tomorrow:

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Legendary Syntax

Few images from commutes earlier this week, fairly rare sighting to see FLAB commuters. Warmed my heart.


train graff:





since it’s easy to forget:

Toby Burrows:


Aaron Horkey makes some amazing illustrations.

The Earth at Night via unknown renderer using NASA data:

Monday, January 24, 2011

Visual Script




Oldest bridge in the county:






Illegal wall near the house:


Ian Ross:

"LATE HARVEST" 2007, $900

Pose and Ewok:


Aphopysis flame animations

Parlee hotness:

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Overlooked Dust

Decided the snowy roads would be a good motivator to digitize some pics from the mid-90’s:

From the mountain bike in the foothills around Tucson:


Fist ever solo show at the Cup Café in Sedona:


General All-around badassed mofo/ mentor/ teacher to apprentice(me) for Sedona Youth Arts Council  bronze sculpture apprenticeship award, Tom Bollnger. The piece sits in my mother’s house to this day. Somewhere are pictures of the pour day….

Tom Bollinger

Alicia and Jason:



Calvin was my co-pilot on the Tuscon commuter:


Pat Bollinger, Tom’s younger brother, also mentor/teacher/general all-around badass. He would routinely wind me on the bike keeping pace with him even with spinal bifida. Last I heard he was working in the wax room at a foundry in Santa Fe.


Airbrush station:



Ahhh, memory lane ….. rest of the set here.

Lonesome George, the last of his kind.

do like:

My girlfriend’s workmates take great delight in selecting zinger cards (she likes to hand-feed a squirrel at work)


Fairly poor attempt at an HDR, nice spider web and fingerprints though:


Friday, January 21, 2011

Enclosed Dark

While looking for an art teacher from my past I found some pics of friends in Germany from '86:


still can’t find Dale Reid ….

2003 scientific productivity measured by citation map :

Mark Visser Rides JAWS at night

love (via imgur unknown artist):

via imgur:

I can haz bike racer DNA ?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Delicate Rolling

Woooo-weee meessyyyy

Ice sheet and a nice coat of snow made for the messiest conditions yet. Tested the outer limits of the bike handling skills and managed to stay upright all day. I did lots of pulling off to the side, hugging the curb and allowing motorists to pass instead of taking the chance that I’d take a spill in their way. I’m still amazed at the reluctance for people to use the left lane of a two lane in one direction road when a cyclist wearing a bright yellow reflective vest and 2 SuperFlashes is in the right. Culture.

Sometimes the sidewalk is better. At the intersection below, I wait for all the right-turners to go and casually cross on the sidewalk reentering the road after the wave of cars released by the light passes. It’s mostly clear until the next wave. I pull off to the righthand curb well before being overtaken and wait for them to pass. Repeat. It’s not ideal but I think it’s a good mix of safety and consideration while staying legal.


Pretty sure I knew this guy cookin’ along:


Watched a college kid slip and bounce his head on the cement today, hope he’s ok(no bike involved). Be extra-careful y’all.