Sunday, January 2, 2011

49.6 @ 18.8 max 35.1

19° to start finishing at 23° and 10 mph from the W.


The familiar winter riding constellation formed much to Big Jay’s delight so he didn’t have to ride alone again.


Route re-saw Monticello via White Heath and Lodge meandering through some of the few wooded and hilly areas. Even though clearly outgunned(Ironman triathlete and ultracycling racer), I was told in no uncertain terms that I would be performing 1/3 of the work for the day.


Familiar roads and riders took the edge off of the cold and wind. Water bottles rode inside my bibs to keep them thawed. Having some sort of sleeve would be nice to keep the cold a little farther from my skin. Bottle of water only in the center jersey pocket stayed thawed also.

Kit for today was neoprene booties with plastic bag liners, bib shorts, heavy weight fleece pant, endura stealth lite bib longs, Under Armour type long sleeve, medium merino, Columbia rain shell, short sleeve jersey, winter arm warmers, windstopper balaclava, sniper mitten covered zephrr gloves. I was a bit cold in the face and chest and would probably have added a LG Power Cap to give some wind block to the face

I’m logging these kits so they can be compiled into a post that will list them by temps, conditions, windspeed and relative comfort since I have trouble recalling where the fine line of comfort is.

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