Saturday, January 1, 2011

53.8 @ 17.6 max 33.1

25°with steady 23 mph WSW and gusting. Moisture-laden air combined with a stout wind made the temps feel much colder, the kind of cold that takes up residence and is hard to evict.


Good to see some of the trainer and couch riders out braving the elements. Something about misery that loves company.





Note the far right of this pano, everyone abandoning the route to Monticello in search of full tailwinds.


After a quick lending of heat packets for frozen fingers we were off again. Practicing the Hillsboro-Roubaix victory salute:



Mark with the inverted bottles in an attempt to prevent freezing of the spout; no dice.


I enjoyed watching the logic-defying pedaling antics and managed to catch a few on video here and here.

We did our best to hide from the wind while bearing the full brunt of the “are you insane” looks from the Monticello locals. Crazy like foxes.


Spinning in perfect circles:


Tough, cold, tough, tough ride. Glad Jay had business in town today, I don’t think I would have lasted on the longer route.

Kit: Neoprene booties with plastic bag liners, Pace winter longs, windproof knee warmers, bib shorts, medium weight Columbia fleece inside out for next to skin on top, Columbia rain shell, short sleeve jersey, arm wamers, OR windstopper balaclava, Zephrr glove inside thermafleece sniper mitten and an extra pair of stowaway gloves that I used to cover my belly area.

Anticipating 80-ish miles I opted to forgo he Endura bibs and instead chose the Pace winter longs. Enduras are windproof and the Pace are not and I’m pretty sure this was the scale-tipping aspect. Downside to the Endura is they are a bit harder to pedal in which can really add up over the miles.

Next time delete the fleece and add a stretchy base layer long sleeve and medium weight merino.


OOF leftover from yesterday:


Stay in school:

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