Thursday, January 20, 2011

Delicate Rolling

Woooo-weee meessyyyy

Ice sheet and a nice coat of snow made for the messiest conditions yet. Tested the outer limits of the bike handling skills and managed to stay upright all day. I did lots of pulling off to the side, hugging the curb and allowing motorists to pass instead of taking the chance that I’d take a spill in their way. I’m still amazed at the reluctance for people to use the left lane of a two lane in one direction road when a cyclist wearing a bright yellow reflective vest and 2 SuperFlashes is in the right. Culture.

Sometimes the sidewalk is better. At the intersection below, I wait for all the right-turners to go and casually cross on the sidewalk reentering the road after the wave of cars released by the light passes. It’s mostly clear until the next wave. I pull off to the righthand curb well before being overtaken and wait for them to pass. Repeat. It’s not ideal but I think it’s a good mix of safety and consideration while staying legal.


Pretty sure I knew this guy cookin’ along:


Watched a college kid slip and bounce his head on the cement today, hope he’s ok(no bike involved). Be extra-careful y’all.

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