Thursday, March 31, 2011

Refined Future

Collegiate commuter:


Segway commuter:


Banksy via imgur:


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sawed Cedar Smells Great

Repurposing and clutter busting, time for projects to be complete and the surplus to be surplused. Anyone want the scrap wood, aquarium seed sprouter/ cutting rooter, terra cotta drain tiles and pots? There’s a 50g rubbermaid stock tub looking for a new home too.


CL-scored teak table and lounge, lovingly weathered and now covered in the aged cedar fencing I removed before putting up the 6’ privacy fence:



Sidewalk racer:



Friday, March 25, 2011

Buried Methodology


Highly productive day in the gardens, the type that feels like 70 @ 19. I forget how much work it takes to make such a mess.

Wolf in a box and a few baby black raspberry starts:



sugar, you’re just too sweet for me

it’s crazy

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

26.7 @ 15.4 max 33.9

upper 60’s to start – NNW @ 20 increasing to 25 gusting to ??, finishing in the high 50’s.  Pretty sure this was the strongest winds a Wednesday ride has seen which quickly shredded our group of 15 or so.

The camera doesn’t come out much on these rides since priority is on safety so I thought I would give a rough written account of a typical Wednesday night ride.

gab, gab, gab, pull, gab, gab, gab, pull, gab, maybe lead out a sprint effort too soon, probably barely stay at the end of the fast pack and get dropped, regroup, gab,pee or not, gab, get left or dropped if you’re not ready, go!go!go!, wonder how anyone can ride a bike that fast (32.5 mph from a few last week), maybe take a pull, start looking for the guys I usually drop with, fill a gap ahead or ride their wheel, endure legs yelling until peloton asplodes and a small pack floats off into the distance, gab, tempo, gab, savor endorphine buzz, recovery ritual, crave next week…..

Tonight was anything but typical with the usual strong group powering off into the distance fairly soon after the edge of town, the wind was brutal !


I gave it my best college effort for about a half mile and discovered Luke and Martin still at it behind me (Luke’s expression sums it up):


Shelled or just thought better of it ?


Luke left us soon after and while maintaining a comfort level on Martin’s ailing knee we managed to make it to the Seymour blacktop before skies looked too ominous to press on.


Rewarded with 25 mph tailwinds and a beautiful Illinois sunset for the return:


Elaborating on the earlier description of a typical ride, I notice getting nervous when I see certain pace-drivers get on/near the front. Hesitate for 2 whole seconds when they step on the gas and you’re off the back with little chance of clawing back on. My body seems to automatically respond by changing the body english to optimize for punchy power, speed and maneuvering around the riders who hesitated. With any luck I’ll absorb some of the biker racer DNA ahead of me and be more than the guy who made it in the break but doesn’t have enough motor to contribute.


do want:

short bike

bounce bike


For those following the story the Smile Politely article about the David and Cindy Combs collision is out. Very nice piece of writing from the author, as usual.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Undone Structure

I’m a PaPa again:


set from yesterday

Sleepy streets of the people’s republic:


Took a little ride with three generations of Bakers, big fan of the racin’ bike:


Shop dog:


This is gonna’ ruin someone’s day:


set from today

odd twitches in my leg


imgur links:

sun clock:

pencil vs. camera

Friday, March 18, 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

32.7 @ 19 max 36.1

61 and 17 from the SSW. Beautiful weather for the first wednesday night get dropped session. 24 riders strong. Thanks to Martin for generously replacing my drive side spoke on the Aspin.


You talkin’ to me? I bring the beer.




I had nothing for the fast kids and joined one of my usual ride mates for a tempo pace back to town.



For the computer geeks, a hardware chart.

 Ward Shelley

moving example of dog loyalty from Japan

Light painting wifi

2011 Natl. IPA Champion: Triple Play IPA

Marble Machines

via imgur:

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Transport Dino Bones Exchange

Really VW, really? I need all this to change the oil in my DSG trans? Ugh.




Done and done.

Outsmarting your enemies : 101

I could put one to work:

A Tribe Called Quest – Check the Rhime

Saturday, March 12, 2011

110.5 @ 17.6

Upper 30’s to start finishing in the mid 40’s with a brutal 23 mph WNW wind and 3500’ of elevation.


Discovered a broken spoke on the rear Rolf Aspin in last night’s pre-ride inspection and lubing. Instead of the Rolf Vector Pro with the fishing reel free hub I chose the prudent, higher spoke count Easton Vista as a spare.


5 for the ride out from town to meet 12 others for hill repeats(11%) in a 60 mile route including Kickapoo state park.






Tough ride for me today as I burned many matches keeping my adopted rider on the back of the pack. I think his apprehension to draft severely hindered his ride by spending lots of extra energy keeping pace just far enough back that the draft pocket closed just before his wheel.



Rest stop antics trying to figure out how anyone can ride Stone’s bike:


Colorful locals, I think I speak for all of us when I say thanks for the giant clouds of black diesel smoke as you passed:


Jay saved me with several packs of Sport Beans and a shot of some lemonade and pepsi (sounds gross but it was pretty tasty):


The peach rings-o-power:


This was squarely in the top three hardest rides I’ve done. Return headwinds were brutal with an extra thanks going to Stone Pony, Big Jay, Martin and Greg for the pulling. I didn’t take one turn at the front and consider the fact that I didn’t float off the back into headwind oblivion a major accomplishment.


Martin is to blame for me being on a bike and not in the car for the return trip home (where I belonged). I wanted to stop random people and ask for a ride and imagined myself sitting on the side of the road waiting for the dispatched sag for the portions that I wasn’t whimpering or wondering if I was gonna’ hurl. Belly is not happy. Knees iced, recovery orzo drowned in olive oil and shredded parm, orange, pear, 2 laughing cows, glass of OJ, 1/2 flask of DIY gel, iced coffee with milk and ecosweet, and a nap. 

Like woah.

Rest of the set here, for extra pics of hill climbing riders.