Sunday, April 24, 2011

8.9 @ 15.6 max 28.3

Eager to rejoin the banter and camaraderie of the ‘cards I braved the colorful swaths on the radar in Oklahoma and MIssouri hoping someone else would too; nope. Low 50’s and single digit winds still chilled me enough that I headed for the warmth of home and entrenched security of a hefty to-do list instead of 20 – 30 miles into the wind.

New kit is new:


Found a train with lots of paint, nice to have a pile of stuff to work through at my leisure:


Highlight of the day was strawberry rhubarb topped custard at mom’s to complete an early spring tour. Her recovery garden continues to spill its bounty into mine; solomons seal, baby tiger lilies and  siberian irises.




The sculpture I made with Tom Bollinger in the 80’s as a recipient of a Youth Arts Council scholarship, '” Exaltist “


“Hold on, take it when I’m in the air”:


Rest of the set here.

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