Sunday, May 1, 2011

69.5 @ 19.8 max 33

mid 50’s to start finishing in the mid 60’s winds falsely reported at 9mph from the WNW


Martin fresh off his Boston Marathon qualifying effort at the Illinois Marathon pretty much drug our group around making us all wonder what he eats for breakfast.


Hello beautiful:


Some excellent way making provided the group a hilly and tree covered route around Lodge Park in Monticello via Centerville. Was just enough of a mix that I heard on several occasions this was the best route we’ve done in a while.

Local legend and reason why I started riding with the ‘cards:


Trees along the back entrance to Allerton took a beating with the storms, one looked to have been plucked leaving the stump intact with a trunk sized hole in the center.


Our friend the atom:



Pace stayed pretty high on the way home which was a nice contrast to the bottom bracket creaking effort it took to hold 19 on the way out.


What my front tire saw.

I didn’t even get 100 miles with the ‘cards last month so it felt pretty good to visit and get out and enjoy the nice weather.

Congrats to Big Jay laying out 233 miles at Calvin’s Challenge yesterday.

High res. pano. of Paris via (

mouse, treaattt

add bacon, provolone and avocado:


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