Wednesday, June 15, 2011

49.8 @ 19.5 max 35.4

Low 70’s with west winds at 10ish. Small group shatters on a nature break restart on the way out. A larger than normal contingent of new and new to us riders combined with several strong riders off the front threw a rather large and welcomed wrench in the normal protocol of all staying together on the way out. I kinda’ think that if a rider cant keep themselves on the back of a group our size going out, maybe they need more development before they jump on a Wednesday night ride. Just a thought.


Very nice driver waiting for all the people on bikes:


My workmate for our little chase group, the dots ahead are our rabbits:


Rolling hills west of Monticello:


always adventure and mystery

Pedal Shoes

Source Data for Photography/12:31 from Croix Gagnon

Bug Eye lens teaser, Lembeh Strait, Indonesia via Eric Cheng



via frsico

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