Wednesday, June 8, 2011

52.5 @ 19.4 max 33.1

96° and 15 – 20 mph winds from the SSW. Heat, allergies and my wonderful stomach had my motor at half capacity. Turned back with a few going short and then double backed to go with the going longer group.


Hazy hot hot hot.


I spent much of my time on the back, feeling lucky to even be hanging on and brain dumping on a new-to-groups rider named Neil(Neal?).





On the way home someone got in someone else’s wheel and riders went down. I was two fistfulls of brakes skidding just behind the last man down. The skinny lines in the pic are my skids, the rest are people and bike marks:


Watching your friends sliding on the pavement sucks, crashing sucks worse. Sag wagon dispatched.

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