Sunday, June 5, 2011

Polished Act

Reluctant to brave the impending red and yellow radar swaths to get miles with the ‘cards, I attacked some problem areas in the garden (invasive african violets and mosquito plant) and enjoyed a nice lunch with mom, G and the lovely woman who washes piles of laundry for me each week.




The g-kid lives close to school and has a bike so I finally found a used CL Trek bike for his mom and fixed it up so she can escort him there and back instead of using the car, when possible. Did an all over cleaning, tuned drive train, replaced bottom bracket, pedals, rear tire and saddle, added a lock, front and rear light and reflectors, water bottle cage, saddle bag with spare tube, micro pump, multi tool, 2 tire levers, and spare key for lock. Adjusted and lubed brakes, cables, headset. seat post, stem and dripped tri flow in the smooth rolling hubs. Will true wheels later, maybe.



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