Sunday, July 3, 2011

84.3 @ 19.6 max 30.4

Single digit winds from the NE and low 80’s set the stage for my farthest trip north by bike to Paxton. Legs and body took longer than I’d prefer to wake up. Felt a cramp brewing in my right leg that I managed to stave off with s! caps and water. Pace going out was a bit hot for comfort.

Jay and Martin were on day 2 of big miles; 122 and 134 @ 19.7 respectively and by the sound of it were looking for a repeat today. Had I felt better this would have been a good opportunity to best my personal distance record.




Our group of three waived bye to Jay and Martin outside Paxton and headed for home. Mile 70 found me feeling pretty good and sharing sport beans and remaining s! caps with under-fueled riders. Good stuffs.


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