Saturday, July 16, 2011

Big Jay’s Fat Ass - 101.4 @ 22.4 max 30.5


Well attended and organized this event has become a highlight of my cycling calendar. Perfect weather and lingering cloud coverage really helped the 12 hour riders. Big Jay took 1st with 237, Paul C and Martin with slightly less. Lady rider from up north did 12 hours and 200 I think, impressive.




Stayed near the front most of the time and tried to carry momentum in the corners instead of getting caught up in traffic and the gaps that form. Sean got a late start and TT’d to the lead group and did lots of work at the front

Mark flatted early and still pulled out 5 laps. Larry flatted at mile 95 and rolled in on it, both fronts, weird.

Fell apart around mile 85 and was pretty sure I would be dropped by Sean around mile 96. 2 gels, 2 packs sport beans, 2 bottles malto mix, 1.5 bottles water. Coca-cola at the end so good.




managed to circle back after some recovery for grilling and beers:


Favored moments:

Sean TT’ing and catching us after starting late.

Larry missing the same turn I did 2 years ago.

Razzle splitting the pack open near the beginning.


Thanks to all those that toiled to make another great event happen, you’re much appreciated.

rest of the photo set here and an HD video for a portion

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