Monday, September 5, 2011

69.4 @ 19.3 max 42.2

Another lovely Perrysville lap, with 2725’ of climbing and max grades of 9%, in the books.

Temps in the low 60’s to low 70’s, brisk winds smelled of winter and rural America (sweet earthen).






Winds were tough coming home for the 9 rider group since we had tailwinds for the first half. Solid ride.


Sioux riding out solo from Urbana again this year and my first ride in the chariot de blanco.

Martin getting bit/stung in his mouth by a bug

Dogs, dogs and more dogs: one incident almost put Jay in the ditch.

Rider off the front on a big descent narrowly missing a corner-cutting and fast-moving car on their way up.

Veteran rider with an 8 year clean streak goes down twice whom I adopted and made sure they arrived, pushing and pulling where necessary.

Myself going in way too hot to a covered bridge and luckily keeping the rubber side down.

Moon Glo 1lb burgers, fried pickles, sodas, and a stack of one dollar bills to trade for it.

Rest of the ride pic set here. Struggling with color space issues so colors look weird in browsers.

Pixel pushing


pygmy owl tickle

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  1. Except for the crashing, that ride sounds great! Some day (year?) soon, I'll be back on such rides.