Wednesday, March 21, 2012

40.4 @ 19 max 34.4

83 and SSE at12ish but felt like more, group of 20ish,

Camera stayed mostly tucked away since I spent the first half of the ride sitting on the back calling cars, since we’ve become lax about staying vigilant and keeping the group aware of hazzards approaching from behind.


the guy on the right was serious business:


unlucky double flat, first the rear and then the front a mile later:


Luckily placed near the front when Jay ran the pace up shelling half the group, I managed to ride on the back of the fast group for a bit. Dangled in no-mans land and caught Alexi as he zoomed by, we eventually rejoined the fast group with a little help. Low on power and endurance, the body is not happy about hard efforts.

and done …





“slow down son, you’re bothering me”

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