Monday, July 16, 2012

Big Jay’s Fat Ass 2012

Another installment of Big Jay’s Fat Ass-tastic passes and the results are:

12 Hour men:
1) Larry and Martin: 244 miles
3) Big Jay  239 miles
12 Hour women:
1)Valerie: 215 miles (new record!)
2)Melinda: 151 miles
6 Hour men:
1)Rob: 115 miles (new record!)
6 Hour women:
1)Karen: 101 miles (new record!)

….. and myself cutting things short with 50.7 @ 22.8 max. 31 (2:13:17).

Thanks to the sponsors and volunteers for making it the best local event of the year.





Valerie, crew chief and Larry:



Neil, one of the unnoficial 6 hour winners(??):


Karen and crew, 6 hour winner:


Highlights included late afternoon showers cooling heated riders, an aggressive truck taking out Paul Jr. (he’s OK) cracking his frame and Sean showing up late hour to assist Martin returning to pace after his mechanicals.


If anyone out there has a spare 56-58 road bike or frame they’d like to pass along to a developing racer, feel free to make yourself known.

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  1. Actually I tied Luke for the Unofficial 6-hour. Rob won the 'official' 6-hour.