Sunday, August 26, 2012

Kickapoo Fat Tire Festival

Tickled by tropical storm Isaac’s showers, racers found a clean and much-loved course ready for a fast day of racing in the mid 80’s and light breezes. Novice and Clydes did 1 lap, Sport 2 and Expert 3.



From the start of the Expert class, Nick sprinted to the front and never relinquish the lead despite two broken spokes and one of the louder drivetrains in the bunch.

Sprint Start

Learning the camera loves red a little too much and to bring more water.



The shot chaser in me had my trusty second shooter drop me off on the north side of the route looking for the water crossing and air section. I went right when I should have gone left and wound up missing all those but finding plenty of challenging terrain to navigate.


Big thanks to my 2nd shooter with some key shots including this one of the Expert winner:

Expert Winner



Roughly 1k images shot between the two of us, distilled down to the best 281/1.99GB. From departure to finished post and upload: 14:20. Looking forward to seeing the work of the other photographers present.

If I don’t have Poison Ivy all over me I’ll be amazed, but worth it. Great venue, course, staff, racers and weather.

Lancestrong donations skyrocket

this happens:

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