Monday, November 26, 2012

Asleep Speaking

My apologies to the fans, many offline projects taking priority to photo-making and blog postings.

Visited Bakers and scored Jr’s new-to-him racer, a few upgrades pending:



I’m not so great with reveal photos, but it’s finished and awaiting glass. Top to be filled Blind Pig-style with the gatherings from adventures. Tray wide enough to fit scanner, wacom, mouse and keyboard.


horse bike

liquid nitrogen + 1500 pingpong balls

hardcore street photography

cat and fox are friends

Wailin’ Jennys – Long Time Traveller

Atlas Genius – Trojans

Sunday, November 18, 2012

46.3 @ 19.3 max 32.1

7 hardy ridemates for a summit of mount Block and onward to 100 miles for the going long group. Upper 30’s to start, finishing in upper 40’s, SSE @ 7ish, felt good to be back on the bike learning about rosettes of light-loving ocean bacteria and jibber-jabberin’ with friends.





web gatherings::


lovely home

great family portrait idea – :

Brief History of Photography: Innovations n Chemistry


logical fallacies

miracle tree Moringa

relationship between stops of light and exposure elements

infinte jukebox

Life’s too short to work on s^%$# bikes

Monday, November 12, 2012

Enhanced Capital

Big push to beat the freeze for exterior projects long since delinquent. Another 3k feet of Dolly Varden for next year and I should be all set. Eventually I’ll find my way back on the bike. Ughf.



Thankfully I had good help:


DSCN5438 has all sorts of interesting bits, including this bathroom:


soon (via?):

sink bike

Green St. back in the day

axe aerobars

dog taxi chair

shockingly polite given the circumstances

bike content


just chillaxin’

mine eyess

Monday, November 5, 2012