Monday, January 14, 2013

Novel Sample

Overdue updates from the reef tank efforts: we have water!



have noisy drains to figure out, guessing I’ll need to increase the vent hole size to quiet them down or worst case re-fab an external standpipe making sure to go at least 6” above the drain height. I’m doing ~690 ghp in 2 x 1” drains. A 1” drain should flow ~1000k gph, so running them 1/3 capacity creates a vacuum. In happier news, found a home for the juvi false perc, I miss the cute wiggle-swimming

amazing tanks: snocho, World WIde Corals, Jason Fox

Micheal Fosberg: America’s Great Plains 

more awesome nature photos


Grahm Watson’s cycling photos of 2012

clever (via ?):

AZ dreamin’:

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