Sunday, January 18, 2015

Progressive Syllabus


Back on jack stands. Found a bit of dry rot on the front bags and couldn’t reach the T fitting buried in the crossmember to test for a slow front leak. New bags, fittings and line on the way. Only need to enlarge one hole and drill another next to it in the crossmember to remedy. T fitting moving to on the frame in a testable position.


Rear drums origional and down too far to turn so will try napa shoes, hardware and drums.


Still need to source replacement brake cable from frame to rear axle .. thinking ORD can get me going.


Wheels off for balancing:


Still figuring out which shock to replace discontinued Belltech Nitro Drop:


Will remove tank and holders, clean up and paint:


All kinds of fun …..

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Cautious Dubbing

Bob got me going, pickup coil died .. the only part not in the summit rebuild kit I was bringing him monday anyway.  Dizzy kit and coil installed, timed, to ~ 6 BTDC, valves ok and didn’t need adjusting. Starts quick with the flip of the key, hooray! Managed to get it home and tucked in just before the roads got nasty. Cheapest 2 mile flat bed tow woulda been $70.


Commuter sway bar woes, once flipped over it cleared fine:


Stainless lines all the way around and fresh fluid through the system:


Down the inside of a 3’ piece of aluminum bar pointed at a window:


frozen illini, UCI:



chromis are acting weird, maybe trying to mate





season of giving

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Rough Start

After developing a leak under the water pump from where PO crushed the timing gear cover with the water pump, I decided to pull the radiator and have it flushed, brazed and tested and a bunch of other stuff too.

Round barn square truck:

Round Barn Square Truck

Dropped on coffee walk route

3rd short test drive results in cranks but no starts after rounding a bumpy corner. Just quit, no cough sputter, noise or anything.  Tow truck driver was a nice guy who liked the truck:

1st ride of the year

Was relievd to see I didn’t need  flatbed, Already had an appointment for monday with a pro for distributor rebuild (summit kit), timing and valve adjustment so hopefully it goes under its own power or we get to see the nice tow truck driver again.

Le joy of old trucks.